Pennsylvania has many laws, rules and regulations governing child custody decisions, and the process can vary greatly from one county to another.  We are well-versed in the policies and procedures for each county in which we practice.

When dealing with custody issues, there is a lot of emotional involvement.  Our staff is trained and experienced in dealing with complex custody issues, and is your advocate while pursuing a solution.  Our experience in custody issues includes the simplest of arrangements to very complex arrangements, even including the availability of grandparents’ visitation rights.

Doleva Law is a Pennsylvania firm that focuses only on family law cases involving divorce, property division, child custody, child support, spousal support, alimony and more.  We are seasoned, compassionate, and well-educated, and will work to resolve your needs fairly and equitably.

Child Custody Basics

If you are able to work out your own custody arrangements, you are not required to go to court. Pennsylvania considers child custody and child support to be separate legal issues, and you do not need a custody order in order to file for child support. Doleva Law can help you evaluate whether getting a custody order would be in your best interest based on your circumstances.

The paramount consideration of courts when determining custody in Pennsylvania is the best interest of the child. The law acknowledges the importance of having both parents involved in their children’s lives. Although the law is intended to be gender-neutral, favoring neither the mother nor the father, it is important to have a lawyer who can be your advocate and your voice throughout the process.

To determine the child’s best interests, the court may take into account such factors as the child’s age, the child’s preference, which parent has been the primary caretaker, the physical, emotional and financial health of each parent, the parents’ work schedules, and past abusive conduct by either parent.

There are also situations where grandparents can petition the court for custody or visitation rights under Pennsylvania’s Grandparents Visitation Act. If the grandparents have standing under the Act, then the court will still utilize the standard of the best interests of the children to determine custody between one parent and grandparents.

Custody cases can be complicated, and it is wise to hire a Pennsylvania lawyer to guide you through the process, especially if you believe that custody may be contested.

When you need the assistance of an experienced child custody lawyer, contact Doleva Law today at (610) 375-3700. We have a wealth of information at our fingertips and will aggressively help you protect your rights.